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18Jan 19

Donna Here “Loving Life”

I joined KA Leisure (Auchenharvie Leisure Centre) 5 years ago after my world was turned upside down due to my marriage split. I started off walking on the treadmill and rower and then I ventured into some weight training and took regular Elevate classes. It was from there that I felt stronger both mentally and psychically, in fact I would go as far to say I felt amazing!  I started climbing mountains, attending Eglinton parkrun regularly and now I’m training for my first Triathlon! The staff at KA Leisure have been fantastic! They’ve supported me throughout my journey, putting programs…

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09Aug 18

Step up at Auchenharvie

I am Bethany and I joined Girls Make Your Move just before Easter. When I first started I was shy towards people my own age, and found it hard to talk to new people . I have always loved sports. When I was younger, I was the only one in my family that was active and I loved climbing trees and running around. About a year ago I stopped playing football and stopped working out and spent all my time on my iPad. I lost my passion for sport. Then Nikki came and introduced Girls Make Your Move. I instantly…

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11Jul 18

Step Up! Nikki, Our Co-ordinators Story

The Girl Make Your Move project is not just learning how to play a sport or learning how to stay fit, for me it’s a healthy lifestyle enhancement for all girls. As a young teenager sport was at the centre of my universe, all my free time was spent kicking a ball about, playing netball and taking part in my most favourite thing, athletics. Then one day my universe crumbled, I endured an injury that would see me out of action for over a year. Where was my support? I’m still looking, where were the teachers and coaches that once…

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30May 18

Girl, it’s time to Make Your Move!

Welcome to Girl Make Your Move, North Ayrshire's brand new campaign to encourage women across our areas to get moving. We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, so we're not here to preach. You know the drill, but perhaps you don't feel particularly confident, have a lot else on, or haven't really fancied the whole "keep fit" thing. That's ok. We're here to help find activities to suit you, and we'll have useful tips and inspirational stories from others who have been on a 'real' healthy lifestyle journey. Women who are just like you. Different ages, different locations,…

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29May 18

Join us – Ardrossan Ladies Rugby

Ardrossan Ladies Rugby Club are looking for new members, with a new summer programme coming up. Scrum-half Shelagh Milligan tells us about her rugby journey. In my head I’m still 25 but my metabolism doesn't think this. I am not an exercise junkie and never have been. My idea of a good workout was running from South Beach train station to the Lauriston to catch last orders, triumphantly wheezing into a glass of Sauvignon Blanc whilst phoning a taxi to take me the 10 minute walk home. I am not motivated in the slightest by exercise classes, running for fun is just,…

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