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15Apr 19


Nicola shares her story…. I have always been conscious of my shape and size, I used to dance when I was young and remember looking at all of the lumps and bumps in that horrible Lycra! I was never “overweight” but always looked at the girls who were super skinny. Realistically I was never going to be one of those girls, as my build was not made for that. I started playing hockey when I was about 12 and it was my cousin who got me in to a local team. I played every season until I was about 25…

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10Apr 19

Girl Power at Scouts!

Here is Nia (13) story... I have been a Scout at the 73rd Bourtreehill Group for nearly 8 years now and have worked my way through the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts sections. I have received the top award at each age group and here you can see me pictured with my Chief Scout Gold Award. In June I will move up to the Explorer’s Section where I will start my Module A and Young Leader Training. For a lot of the time I was the only female in my section. This is starting to change as several girls have joined…

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13Mar 19

Completion was my only #Aspiration

I first set up a Jog Scotland group in 2012 after having developed a love of running relatively late in life.  I have always loved to keep fit but never ran until I had my third child. I was paying a gym membership that I was never able to use, so that was no longer an option.  I signed up for a local 10k thinking it was way beyond my abilities. I began training by running just a few miles and then slowly built up the distance.  It was then that I began to love running! Not for the fitness…

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06Mar 19

Never regret taking the first step!

Elizabeth started exercising 5 years ago in her early 40s after realising she couldn’t change the things going on around her but could change herself! Circumstances meant there was a lot of stress and frustration in her life and so she took the brave decision to start attending Steph Smith fitness classes. Elizabeth now feels much more able to cope with stress and never feels like giving up! The ‘can do’ attitude she has developed has spurred Elizabeth on in other areas of her life too as she is now at college and studying towards a degree. Having 5 children…

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25Feb 19

Tricia can shimmy!

If you're seeking some inspiration to exercise more often, then take some pointers from this active lady… Tricia is a busy working woman who travels for work but won’t miss a fitness class if she can help it. She’s attended Burlex and Stretch & Tone, every Monday night at Irvine Community Sports Club for the past 2 years, as she loves these classes for the exercise she gets and the amazing bunch of people who also go. Here’s what Tricia has to say, “Vanessa Anderson is a fantastic instructor. Choreographs the dances and keeps up to date with new chart…

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15Feb 19

From Local Success to National Success

Hi, my name is Shannon Laing, I am 22 years old and have been playing Ice and Ball Hockey for several years now. I started playing Ice Hockey when I was just 8 years old and, at that point, was the only female member in the club. As Ice Hockey is a very male dominated sport it was hard as a young female coming through the age groups. I was a competitive gymnast and used the ice hockey training as a fun hobby for several years. Crunching point came, when I felt I’d reached my peak in gymnastics and was…

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15Feb 19

Emma skates it out!

Emma (11) started playing Ice Hockey when she was 6, inspired by her two brothers who also play ice hockey.  She is currently training and playing in the defence position at Auchenharvie Leisure Centre on a Saturday afternoon (Under 10's) and a Wednesday evening (Penguins). Emma is a 1st year Penguin (Under 12's). This involves playing league games at ice rinks all over Scotland, North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club has a home tournament that's called the Sam Wallace Memorial Tournament and they also travel on away tournament, which are always lots of fun. She is also in the Scotland Girls…

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08Feb 19

Connie goes for Goals!

Connie (12) has always wanted to play ice hockey since her Mum took her along to watch the Glasgow Clan play a year ago.  She was amazed at how fast the game was and wanted to be able to skate like the players could. Connie joined North Ayrshire Ice Hockey Club almost a year ago training with the Saturday Learn to Play sessions as a player but changed to goalie position a few months ago and she loves it.  She really enjoys the skating drills and learning to move super-fast with lots of heavy kit on to stop the puck.…

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