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Challenging Myself

Challenging Myself

Challenging Myself

In my teenage years I was naturally fit/slim and took part in hockey & dance classes to keep fit. However, when I hit my 20’s, living a student lifestyle of partying and eating badly I kind of let myself go. My friend joined KA Leisure a great wee gym I must say, she raved on about Body Combat – so I gave it go. 7 years on and I have stuck in at the gym and enjoy all different types of fitness classes. I am now currently training at Dual Fitness, which involves 3 circuit classes a week and I LOVE it!

I am quite a restless person, something I have discovered about myself and so I seeked to find more ways to challenge myself. A while back I got talking to someone at work who had completed the famous 96 mile walk in Scotland known as the West Highland Way. She completed the walk with her Dad and had explained what an amazing experience it was, as she had managed to see some of the best scenery within Scotland. Being very patriotic and into fitness this was immediately added to my bucket list.

This year I managed to persuade my family to sign up and in the run up to the walk I roped anyone and everyone I could to come walks and climb hills at the weekends. Pretty easy on a nice sunny day, not to mention the fact that it’s FREE. We started with the likes of Conic Hill, Ben A’an (short hill walks at Loch Lomond), then took on the likes of: The Cobbler, Ben Lomond and Goat Fell. I also started doing some runs in the lead up to the big event to build up my fitness – I found the Parkrun (Troon) to be good for me as I was more determined running within a group.

We completed the West Highland Way in 7 days:

Milngavie – Drymen (12miles) | Drymen – Balmaha (8 miles) | Bahama – Inversnaid (14miles) | Inversnaid – Tyndrum (19miles) | Tyndrum – Kingshouse (19miles) | Kingshuse – Kinlochleven (9miles) | Kinlochleven – Fort William (15miles) – 96 MILES IN TOTAL!

It was truly an amazing experience, we met so many lovely people, seen amazing scenery and the beautiful Scottish wildlife was a bonus – wild goats, stag, newts and birds of prey to name a few. It really wasn’t easy, despite all my training nothing prepared me for the willpower you need to push yourself to keep on walking for that amount of time/miles but I would recommend it to everyone and I am super proud I completed it.

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