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Natalie Takes On Duke Of Edinburgh

Natalie takes on Duke Of Edinburgh

My name is Natalie I’m 14 years old and earlier this year I took part in my Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh with my school Belmont Academy. I walked for almost 8 hours around Loch Doon which was almost 9 miles, before setting up camp for an overnight stay. This was a great learning experience as I learnt how to use a Trangia to cook dinner and how to set up my tent aswell as not overpacking.

There is many benefits to taking part in Duke Of Edinburgh – it makes you fitter as you need resilience and perseverance and you get to experience the true beauty of Scotland. The Duke Of Edinburgh award goes from Bronze all the way up to Gold so you have a few opportunities to take part in.

  • The Bronze course consists of 2 days of walking and camping overnight: usually staying local with nearby hills or lochs.
  • Silver consists of 3 days of walking and camping over 2 nights: you can branch out and go around Arran some might even chose to canoe or go horse riding for their silver award.
  • Gold consists of 4 days of walking and camping for 3 nights: this is great as you can go even further, many people chose to fly to Iceland or Greenland or even Norway to complete their Duke Of Edinburgh.

I have now completed my Bronze Duke Of Edinburgh and hopefully will soon receive my badge and certificate. To complete your Duke Of Edinburgh you do have to take part in volunteering, a sport and learning a skill each for different lengths of time for each award. For example, when I did my Bronze I took part in 3 months of volunteering at a Sunday School, 6 months of piano which I still do and 6 months of Netball which I still enjoy.

You can definitely take things away from doing Duke Of Edinburgh so aswell as learning new life skills you can also help out your community, find your new favourite hobby and get fitter and healthier. You can also do this with your friends as you have to walk in groups so you don’t get lost and for safety, so I went with my friends: Amy, Keira, Erin, Armani, Orla and Kyra. It was the best weekend and we all really enjoyed it and would highly recommend to anyone who loves adventure and the outdoors.

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