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Never Regret Taking The First Step!

Never regret taking the first step!

Elizabeth started exercising 5 years ago in her early 40s after realising she couldn’t change the things going on around her but could change herself! Circumstances meant there was a lot of stress and frustration in her life and so she took the brave decision to start attending Steph Smith fitness classes. Elizabeth now feels much more able to cope with stress and never feels like giving up!

The ‘can do’ attitude she has developed has spurred Elizabeth on in other areas of her life too as she is now at college and studying towards a degree.

Having 5 children really changed Elizabeth’s body however through getting more active Elizabeth is happy to report positive changes to her figure but more importantly she feels strong both physically and mentally with loads of energy for her life and kids!

Elizabeth told us: ‘I used to be a bit of a party girl but now I get my buzz and music fix at classes and have found a fantastic and supportive group of women. My wee half hour or so at class gets me through any hard day and I come back a nicer mum every time lol!’

Well done Elizabeth, you are an inspiration!

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